Types of Massage

Swedish Massage. Often considered "classical" massage, Swedish massage incorporates 5 basic strokes to encourage circulation of blood and lymph, relieve joint stiffness, and ease stress.

Deep Tissue Massage. Deep tissue massage is a more deliberate, targeted type of massage that focuses on manually relieving tension in muscles and fascia. While the term "deep" may sometimes be mistakenly understood for "painful," this needn't be the case. Deep tissue massage is more properly defined as a certain set of massage strokes which are designed to resolve a certain client complaint. It is slow, muscle-specific, and is nearly always employed on only one or two areas of the body during a given massage session in order to achieve desired results.

Sports Massage. Sports massage is focused on muscles that are relevant to an athletic event. Sports massage may be used to assist an athlete in warming up or cooling down from an event; employed as maintenance during athletic downtime or training; or to aid in recovery from injury. Sports massage is muscle-specific, and often employs more active client participation.

Trigger Point Massage Trigger points are often described as "knots." They are hyper-sensitive sites of localized twitch or spasm within a muscle, which cause pain that is sometimes experienced in the area where they occur, or is sometimes referred to another area. For instance, it is common that trigger points in the neck or jaw will create tension headaches. Trigger point massage is a very powerful modality used in conjunction with other massage modalities to manually ease these knots and the pain that they cause.

Medical Massage There are a variety of definitions for the term "medical massage." At Restore Massage, we refer to training and certification in a 100-plus hour clinical course taught by Ralph Stephens, LMT. This comprehensive course of study incorporates postural analysis and specific stretching and massage techniques that are designed to alleviate chronic pain and structural distortion due to postural issues.

Pregnancy Massage North Carolina is lucky to be the home to one of the foremost pioneers and experts in the field of pregnancy massage, Claire Miller. And we have been lucky enough at Restore to have received Claire's 24-hour "Nurturing the Mother" training and certification. This course teaches pregnancy massage, labor massage and support, postpartum massage, and newborn/infant massage.

TMJ Massage Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJD) is marked by a variety of symptoms including jaw pain, clicking or popping when opening the mouth, limited ability to open or close the mouth, and tinnitus; and is often associated with bruxism (grinding of teeth). One of the most effective ways to treat TMJD is with massage, as TMJD often begins as a soft-tissue problem, and massage can help ease the muscles that act upon the joint to therefore allow it to return to proper functionality. Massage can also be less painful and invasive than other interventions. TMJ massage involves massaging muscles surrounding the joint on the external head and face, as well as gentle, gloved work inside the mouth to release the full complement of relevant muscles.